Students gear up for Shell Eco-marathon with NXplorers

Introducing a new way of thinking

Over 150 college students took part in a series of interactive NXplorers workshops to help them prepare their entries for the first Virtual League Competition of the Shell Eco-Marathon, Pitch the Future.

Pitch the Future is designed to give students the opportunity to apply their STEM skills toward solving real-world energy challenges in a variety of contexts. By integrating NXplorers to this process, students were able to use NXthinking tools and methodologies that helped them expand their thinking, both critically and creatively. It gave the students an opportunity to think more deeply about the challenges, to reflect on and identify different future scenarios, to think about how to plan for sustainable change, and to learn how to pitch and inspire belief in their ideas.

Gaining a new perspective, virtually

These enthusiastic students took part in six highly interactive virtual learning sessions, complemented by the self-paced NXplorers online learning modules. The winners of the Pitch the Future mini-challenge were a team from the University of Philippines called Alamat UP. The team acknowledged that using NXthinking was crucial to their success, and found the Scamper Tool and the Feasibility Funnel significantly for their project.

“NXplorers helped our team see things in a new perspective and guided us through the process of complex problem-solving. What’s great about NXthinking is that it can be used in any situation and can be applied in our day-to-day to lives.”

Jose Carlo Manalang, Mechanical Engineering student from the University of the Philippines-Diliman

Equipped with NXplorers tools and NXthinking, the students are now excitedly gearing up for the next stages of the Shell Eco-Marathon, which will start in 2021.

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NXplorers Australia ends the year on a high with an exciting showcase event

NXplorers students in Australia ended their programme on a high with a live NXplorers showcase event at the Scitech Discovery Centre in Perth. Over 210 students, teachers and parents came together in October to celebrate the hard work of these students who have shown great determination during this challenging year.
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Brazil students blurred2

When people come together with a common goal

Anything is possible when people come together with passion, excitement and a common goal. Owing to the worldwide covid-19 pandemic, schools in Brazil had to close. This did not stop NXplorers. The course materials were adapted and made available online and virtual collaboration tools were developed to help students to work together. From August onward 380 students from 12 schools enthusiastically started their NXplorers journey, quickly adapting to the new ways of working.
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Egypt image 1

Meet Mariem: a woman on a mission to drive positive change

In November 2020, we interviewed Mariem Algebry from the NXplorers team in Egypt. Mariem started her NXplorers journey as a student in 2017, and is now a facilitator for the programme with a mission to drive positive change.
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