What is NXplorers?

Young people have the capability to create positive movements for change. They can learn how to address the complex challenges faced by the world and to do something about them. NXplorers shows them how.

NXplorers is a proven, innovative education programme. The programme introduces the complex and creative thinking skills needed to become positive agents in the process of change and equips young people with the tools they need to apply them.

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Young people, given the right support and guidance, will be crucial to creating sustainable solutions.

Harry Brekelmans Projects & Technology Director at Shell

NXplorers uses a unique combination of three methodologies:

Integrating these approaches into one programme creates a new way of looking at global complexities, and shows young people how to approach the complex challenges the world faces, now and in the future.

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Systems Thinking

A framework for seeing the bigger picture rather than isolated fragments.
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Scenario Planning

Asks 'what if' questions to explore alternative views of the future and create plausible stories around them.
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Theory of Change

A methodology of thinking that imagines how and why a certain change is expected to happen.

Why use NXplorers?

The ability to solve complex problems is the number one skill that future employees need, according to research carried out by the World Economic Forum, 2016.

NXplorers gives young people the tools and strategies they need to understand complexity and to recognise how they can shape and create change.

NXplorers is a relevant and purposeful way to enhance your curriculum.

The Food – Water – Energy Nexus has strong links with many curriculum areas, including STEM, but at its heart, the programme helps young people to see themselves as positive agents of change, and gives them practical tools that they will be able to apply to any complex situation they encounter.

I think the knowledge that I gained is really about what issues we have at the moment… how we can take action; how those little actions can actually help people.

I’d love to personally carry this on, because I think if you motivate the lower years they will then hopefully continue this culture in the school, and hopefully change the way the system works.

How NXplorers Works

NXplorers is a facilitated programme, run in learning centres, where staff and students learn about and engage in real world issues.

There are three stages to the NXplorer programme – Explore, Create and Change – with tools and resources for each.

The tools and resources use seven questions to guide young people through the three stages, enabling them to investigate the challenges that society faces and find real, lasting solutions.

Watch this video to see how NXplorers teaches students a new way of thinking: NXthinking.


  • What are the issues?
  • What’s causing the issues?
  • How can we dig deeper into the issues?


  • What would happen if nothing changed?
  • What actions could bring about change?
  • What is our preferred future?


  • What action can lead to our preferred future?


NXplorers can share their thinking, progress, plans and challenges in a secure, global collaboration space. They can also gather ideas and advice from other NXplorers around the world.

This social learning space is a safe way for our future leaders and change makers to create, develop and share their problem solving skills as they work together to find solutions and bring about positive change.

Organising NXplorers​

Here are some of the ways that learning centres have organised their NXplorers programme:

  • As part of their sustainable development or environmental work
  • Integrated in STEM or the regular curriculum
  • As a regular weekly development programme
  • Embedded in an ‘approaches to learning’ course
  • As a team building or induction programme
  • Built in to community volunteering or service learning programmes
  • As preparation for work experience or employer links week
  • As a one-week post-examination thinking skills course
  • As a weekend NGO education programme

You can choose an approach that fits your learning environment. This leaflet explains how you can use NXplorers to support STEM-related learning.