A new way of thinking

Young people have the capability to create positive movements for change. They can learn how to address the complex challenges faced by the world and to do something about them.

Hear what our NXplorers students have to say.


NXplorers can share their thinking, progress, plans and challenges in a secure, global collaboration space. They can also gather ideas and advice from other NXplorers around the world.

This social learning space is a safe way for our future leaders and change makers to create, develop and share their problem solving skills as they work together to find solutions and bring about positive change.

Why use NXplorers?

Critical thinking, Creativity and Complex problem-solving remain the top skills that future employers need, according to the World Economic Forum Future of Jobs 2020 report.

NXplorers gives young people the tools and strategies they need to understand complexity and to recognise how they can shape and create change.

NXplorers is a relevant and purposeful way to enhance your curriculum.

The Program helped us to see different perspectives of the same problem. The tools were very useful in helping us see possible solutions to the problem, how far it could impact.

Student (Brazil)

Honestly I was amazed by the tools. The tools are very creative and helpful, really new knowledge that has never been taught before.

Student (India)


NXplorers introduces the complex and creative thinking skills needed to become positive agents in the process of change and equips young people with the tools they need to apply them.

Explore our case studies to see the work of NXplorers students around the globe.