Our world is becoming increasingly connected and so too are the challenges.

Their significance and our commitment to resolving them can bring us together.


The UN Sustainable Development Goals seek to address the world's biggest challenges to enable a more prosperous future.

These challenges, including ending poverty, improving health and education and tackling climate change are complex, and highly interconnected.

The key to addressing them is ensuring sustainable access to vital resources like food, clean water and energy.


The world’s growing population will put pressure on global demand for food, water supplies and cleaner energy in the coming decades.

These three resources are so tightly interlinked that when we think about one, we must think about them all.

To tackle these complex and interconnected challenges, the world needs creative thinkers, and new ways of thinking that NXplorers offers.

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Knowledge Expanders

The NXplorer knowledge expanders offer insight into each of the elements addressed in this nexus.

Use them to improve your understanding of food, water and energy systems and how they interlink.